Flooring is one of the most important factors when a person wants his/her house to look presentable. There are many suppliers present in the market who supply natural stones, tiles etc. for such purposes. And when the wholesalers are involved then the product is supplied to the architect and the designers who are involved in interior designing. Tiles and marbles bring beauty to your house and it looks more modern yet traditional. The natural stones are more commonly used for the flooring purposes.

The commonly used tiles are made of some natural stones especially when marble is used; it gives your floor a very charming and unique look. Travertine, Basalt, Cobblestone, Wall cladding are the tiles which people use to set the interior of their houses.

Mosaic Glass tile flooring is one of a kind that brings sophistication and charming look to your room. Mosaic glass tile are a bit expensive so they are most commonly used for the spas and people who want their kitchen and pools to be more presentable. They are not good for the high traffic areas as there are chances that they may get damaged. The glass mosaic tiles can be used in different shape i.e. the tiles can be cut in rectangular or square shape. These tiles are more elegant as compared to the other tiles and they are present in different colors. Apart from the colors distinction, they are present in different patterns and unique designs. Mostly the people who want their apartments to be more luxurious use these tiles.  They are resistant to the stains and any other chemical damage as they have no porous nature. The glass tiles are comparatively easy to clean. They are durable until or unless any sharp thing hits on it, or any force is applied on it. As they are glass in nature there are more chances that the glass may get scratched so they should be used with great care.

Finest travertine material is the form of limestone and can be used for flooring purposes. They are of different colors mostly including light colors i.e. tan, browns, beige etc. Travertine is a kind of stone which require maintenance and is not good for every other area. When we see travertine from style perspective, it is very traditional and antique flooring thus giving a prestige to the place. The color of the tiles is very soft colors and has a unique color spectrum that grabs everyone’s attention. As travertine is the hard material which makes it resistant to any scratches or cracks thus making a tile more durable. Due to this durable nature of travertine, they have a long lasting nature and they can last for decades. They can be easy to repair if you have an extra pair of tiles of the same color.

Basalt is the dark color stones and is more durable. Basalt is mainly the stones which are formed in the volcanic areas. It is a very unique and presentable stone that come in different patterns. The color choices in basalt are very less so the people who want the floor to be in dark colors mostly go for these tiles.

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