The importance of toilet maintenance isn’t prioritized until a serious issue arises. But it may be too late once the toilet clogs up. Toilet clogging poses a huge problem since it creates terrible odour in the home as well as causes the spread of germs and bacteria. Therefore it is important that necessary measures are taken in order to avoid clogging of toilets in houses. In order to do so here are some of the common cause which the homeowner must be aware of. Blocked drains in Cardiff  and Pipes can cause the clogging up of toilets. In such a case you must consult a professional plumber to fix this issue. Old and outdated pipes can also cause the toilet to clog. It is easy to identify problems in pipes since toilets tend to clog overtime therefore during the beginning stages you must immediately consult a plumber to fix it. Problems in the drain and pipes can be costly to fix. Especially if the pipes are old and must be replaced.

Toilets are built for the purpose of flushing human waste but flushing of other particles into the toilet can cause clogging. Plumbers can use to inspect your pipes and find the cause of the clog. Although it is okay to flush toilet paper items such as toys, toothbrush, cotton balls etc. must not be flushed into the toilet. These items could go into the drains or get stuck in the pipes causing hefty repair costs for homeowners. Children must be monitored inside the washroom to ensure that they do not flush unnecessary items and keep them safe as well.

An outdated or old toilet could be a cause for clogging. These toilets aren’t built with enough pressure therefore not may not be able to flush all the waste effectively into the drain. These old toilets must be immediately replaced to avoid unnecessary toilet clogging issues. Modern toilets are built using advanced features in order to effectively remove all the waste. These modernised toilets also prevent toilet clogging because of the use of quality products during production.

There are many types of water used in households for different purposes. So using the wrong type of water in the toilet can also be the cause of clogging. Hard water contains many minerals in it. When this water is used in toilets all the minerals tend to get stuck and then cause the system to clog up. Therefore in order to avoid the clogging of toilets make sure you consult the plumber before

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